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March goodness

The brain. I have tried to learn about the human brain after seeing the meme with the comparison between autistic brains and neurotypical brains. The connectome imaging, not sure how to put the words together correctly, but it fascinated me. The sentence “Every non-autistic brain is like every non-autistic brain. But no autistic brain is like any other autistic brain.” made me so very happy, I am not sure why, but there was something reassuring about it. Link.

The local lake, it is not very big and it often smells funky, but I like the swans and the willowtrees by it and sometimes I am lucky and see going for walks the sort of people I particularly like: ladies in red coats and nuns – yes! I actually saw a nun walking by the water one day, I was so excited.

Dreaming of going to places with petroglyphs. Vitlycke Museum or Bornholm. Or just learning to recognise bronze age mounds in the landscape. I like dreaming about it. Also I like imagening how it would be to walk through ancient landscapes, forrests as the were in times of the Ertebølle culture.

Autism memes. It is so much fun for me. I laugh and laugh at them, because of the recognition, the jokes.

Also more autistic women writing. This time someone who has things to say about boots too.


I rarely meet an autistic woman who doesn’t have the best boots. Doc Martens, Fly London, Destroy, these are a few of my favourite things. 
Big, clumpy, stimtastic, comfortable boots. Your feet will love you forever and every step will feel firm and safe.


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